HEWER is seeking distributors worldwide to provide industrial safety equipment and technical support,officially carries out the development plan of global business with the cooperation model of regional sales representatives.


Hewer devises the global development to 4 regionals as Europe, Asia, America and Australia. In which, the regional of Europe and Asia have been fully launched with the star products of safety cutters, safety scissors and safety deburring knives. 


HEWER offers a priority to the following companies to be a distributor in their regional:

1. The partner needs to be a legal company in the region;
2. The partner needs to be a company that makes long-term product sales and technical services in the field of industrial safety or hardware tools;

3. Companies that have already represented German industrial product brands, we can give priority to cooperation. 


Process of application:


1. Submit your contact information on our website.

2. Our regional sales manager will contact you and send us an application form shortly.

3. Review the agent application.

4. We will offer an official certificate of distribution to the customer  when we accept the application.

Once our cooperation start, we will offer HEWER products and technical support to you.