How to maintain industrial cutters

1.Do not touch the blade with your hands directly the blades of industrial cutters are generally sharpe, Also, the blades are easy to get rust after to hands.
2.Do not use cutters to chop hard objects, or cut unconventional materials. Industrial cutters are generally ulility, and they have a certain range of application for cutting depth and cutting materials. If people use industrial cutters to chop hard objects without testing, the cutters  will cause damage, especially for ceramic blades. They are extremely easy to damage if the ceramic blades are used for chopping and smashing.
3.Regular cleaning is importance for maintaining of industrial cutters. During the cutters are used, the handles and blades, especially the gap between the blade and the safety cutter, are easily to be stained. Cleaning cutter handles can prevent accidental injury which is caused by hand slippage. Cleaning the blade can prevent the blade from to get rust, and prolong the service life of the tool.
4.Do not use a cutter if it is damaged. Please use a new one instead. The design of the safety cutters is complicated, and the damage of any single part of safety cutter may affect the safety in operation.
5.Do not sharpen the blades in safety cutter. They are processed by special processes, especially those with wavy blades, serrated non-slip blades, and coated blades. If the blade becomes blunt and affects the normal cutting requirements, please replace the blade or the tool in time.