A Concept of HEWER Concealled Blade Safety Cutters

Utility knives are commonly used in our daily life and work. They cost reasonable and have a wide range of use. However, many of the utility knives in the market are blade extendable and the blade cannot be automatically retracted into the blade body after the cutting operation. It may cause accident when the workers use the utility knivies in careless.
Concealled blade safety cutters are classic safety cutters in the market. With an unique design of the cutters, the workers can complete any cutting work in safety. The concealled blade can help the workers to avoid accidental injuries those are caused by accidental contact with the blades during daily use.
So, how can we avoid the losses caused by accidental injuries?
There are two main points of the concept of design of majority safety cutters: one is the retractable blade safety cutter, in which safety mechanism must be deliberately been activated by the user by with drawing the thumb off the slider. Only then the blade retracts on contact loss with the material automatically into the knife body. Another one is a concealled blade design. A cutting gap which is less than 7mm and the fingers cannot touch the blade. 
Today we will focus on how concealled blade safety cutters are used in daily cutting work and avoid accidental injuries. In daily life, the concealled blade safety cutters are 100% safety tools because of its unique design. The cutters are suitable for cutting most of the domestic packing such as plastic packaging and paper packaging.
Since the concealled blade safety cutters are particularly safe and they basically do not cause accidental injuries. Also the cutters cannot damage the goods inside the package during the unpacking process, so they are particularly suitable for the elderly and children at home.