How to Choose and Use Safety Scissors Correctly

For many years, HEWER MultiCUT safety scissors have been using in a wide range of industries, including packaging, electronics, chemicals, automobiles, foods, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment,  for providing professional and safe cutting operators.

However, operators encounter difficulties when cutting different materials, so HEWER offers a variety of safety scissors to fulfill a need of different positions. 

How should we choose the right safety scissors to make the cutting work safe and efficient?

Administrative work
Scissors are an indispensable stationery in offices of various industries. Although the materials to be cut are relatively simple, mainly paper and thin cardboard, conventional and ordinary cutting operations are often taken lightly and accidents occur.

HEWER MultiCUT HS-3630 Safety Scissors are lightweight and suitable for cutting straight and curved, flexible and precise. The round head, straight ground blade and ergonomic handle offer the operator maximum safety. Implement tools that are indispensable in the “Occupational Safety and Health” office.

The HEWER MultiCUT HS-3631 has an advanced serrated blade to avoid slippage.

Warehouse and logistics work
In the warehouse and logistics work, the cutting materials are relatively complicated, labels, paper sheets, cable ties, stretch film and packaging tapes, etc., and a wide variety of packaging materials are also frequently cut.

For these situations, the HEWER MultiCUT HS-5640 and HS-5650 are the most suitable safety scissors. The uniquely designed handle makes it possible to cut thick materials for long periods of time. The long blade makes cutting large areas more convenient and safe. The requirements of the scissors machine, round head, flat blade and ergonomic handle design give the operator maximum safety.

The HEWER MultiCUT HS-5641 and HS-5651 feature  an advanced serrated blade to avoid slippage.

Medical supplies, food processing and pharmaceutical work
We understand that there are restrictions on the tools those are used in medical supplies, food processing and pharmaceuticals to ensure that production items are not allow to be contaminated.

The HEWER MultiCUT series of safety scissors are certified by the FEC food grade authority and are 100% suitable for use in special sanitary environments, including in other plants. Coupled with HEWER's safe and ergonomic handle design, it is the cutting tool of choice for modern hygienic companies.

Emergency work
When an accident occurs, the emergency  work should be carried out. The HEWER MultiCUT HS-3131 safety scissors is the most suitable tool for cutting clothes for dressing. The arc type and anti-slip blade design enhances the chance of avoiding secondary injury to the injured person. Food grade stainless steel material is easy to disinfect to avoid scars and infections.

If you have any questions or comments about using the HEWER MultiCUT safety scissors, please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.