In every retail workplace, packages are frequently shipped and received. If you are in the retail industry, you and your employees most likely open packages multiple times throughout the day. 


Safety First for Your Employees

We understand that it’s not financially wise to give employees in an industry with such a high turnover rate access to expensive cutting tools. With the influx of seasonal employees, a less expensive option is best.


The most common materials used for cutting applications:

- Cardboard

- Shrinkwrap

- Tape

- Plastic banding


Hand laceration injuries are one of the most frequent workplace injuries! Cutting a wide variety of materials can be dangerous. If employees are using utility knives and scissors to open boxes and packages all day, there is a safety risk and a chance of an accident. 


Concealed Blade Safety Cutters

At HEWER, we recommend distributing concealed blade safety cutters to employees who deal with opening boxes and other packages on a regular basis. 


Same as other safety cutters with concealed blade, HEWER MultiSAFE HK-1230 Disposable Sheet Material Cutter is probably the most secured method as it is nearly impossible to cause injuries while cutting with the none exposed blade. But this method is primarly suitable to cut film, sheets of foil, sheets of paper and similar.



Amazon is one of the many companies that have made the switch to concealed fixed blade knives for box cutting and opening other packaging materials. Here are some important facts every EH&S Manager should know about knife injuries in the workplace:


- Lacerations are the top 3-5% most common work-related injuries.

- Almost 100% of knife-related injuries on the job are preventable.


Whether you manage workers in grocery stores, retail shops, shipping and receiving, distribution centers, or warehouses, choosing a safety knife box cutter for your retail company can mean preventing workplace injuries and saving your company money.