Let children enjoy the moment of cutting in safe

Here are a few tips!

· Explain that scissors are useful but need to be used carefully.  If not, they will be taken away.

· Scissors are sharp and are used for paper only (and not their hair or skirts or reading books!)

· No one must ever run with scissors or even walk about when using them.  Cut when sitting at a table.

· Always use children's scissors with them.

· Store scissors downwards in a safe place out of reach.

· Remind children of the rules each time you get the scissors out.  See if they can prompt you!

· Don't ever play with scissors - they are a craft tool and not for playing.

· Discourage children from walking with scissors in their hands, but when they must, make sure they hold them correctly: grasp them by the closed blades with the blades towards the floor.

· Always supervise.

· Always cut at a table so you can see that they are doing and they are encouraged to sit down.


HEWER children's food safety scissors is specially designed for parents to cut children's food into small pieces easily and efficiently.

The product is certified by EU FEC, which is both hygienic and reliable.

The round head design avoids accidents when the baby touches the scissors.

The serrated blade can cut food and materials more effectively.

Food grade stainless steel blade (70mm).

In addition to food, parents can rest assured that their babies can use HEWER children's food safety scissors to cut paper, film, fabric and yarn, practice small hand muscles, exert unlimited creativity, and touch the texture of various materials.

Small size, easy to carry (134x8x65mm).

Weight: 36g

Model: HS-3631