Cutting with the highest precision

For those who like to be accurate to the millimetre: with HEWER MultiSAFE HK-1110 Safety Pen Cutter you can cut reliably and with the highest precision, whether you’re at work or at home, a graphic designer or an architect, a handicraft enthusiast or a model builder. The cutting performance of our pen cutter from fine paper through to thin cardboard and smooth films

on to fabrics and textiles.


If you are particular about details. With a prominent tip.

HEWER MultiSAFE HK-1110 Safety Pen Cutter is something of a “fine fellow“ among scalpels. That‘s because it is suitable for particularly precise and delicate cutting work. Or for careful erasing. You hold the cutting tool made of lightweight plastic in your hand as you would hold a writing instrument. It is also very uncomplicated to handle, for example, blade changing.


Keep safe not only in cutting, but also blade changing.

The safety element in HEWER MultiSAFE HK-1110 Safety Pen Cutter is not only seem during cutting, but also during blade changing. The design of installed blade HB-710 let user to hold the blade in safe and comfortable.


Elegant Cutting Knife styled to work like a retractable ball point pen.

The zipper designed safety slider provides the best protection to prevent the blade extend accidentally.

The installed blade HB-710 with plastic coating enhances the stability of cutting and the safety of blade change.

Suitable for deburring, piercing, cutting, dressing, finishing, contouring, etc