Warehouse Safety Trends for a Safer Workplace in 2021

Creating a safe workplace for employees should be any business’s top priority. Looking ahead to 2020, here is what we forecast will be the big trends in workplace safety:

An increase in safety-focused personnel roles. With the increase in safety-awareness will come the need for more safety-specific personnel within organizations. In the past, managing the safety of employees had been housed within Human Resources, or assigned on a need-basis during an emergency (e.g. fire marshals). In the next year, we’ll see an increase in the creation of positions geared toward accessing and managing the safety and well-being of employees outside of the tradition HR wheelhouse. These positions include:

 Safety Consultant/Engineer

 Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

 Safety/ Risk Manager

 Healthy and Safety Instructor

That being said, the risk of cutting yourself with a knife or box cutter is an ever-present safety risk. HEWER reduces this risk by offering A first heavy-duty safety cutter from HEWER allows all cutting jobs go smooth under any harsh environment.

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· Lanyard hole helps companies to assist in the completion of an employee, multiple positions with retraction lanyard.