When Plastic Blade is Better than Steel’s

HEWER specializes in selling safety cutting equipment, including plastic blades not made from metal.  We feature a special line of Plastic Scraping Blades for applications where metal is not appropriate.  The sharp metallic edge of traditional razor blades can cause unwanted scratches on delicate surfaces.  Furthermore, when using traditional razor blades there is always the possibility for user injury.  While we believe that through proper safety and handling procedures metal blades are an excellent option for a wide range of uses, there are times when we can’t help but endorse this fantastic alternative: Plastic Blades.         


We offer MultiFIT HB-070 plastic blades along with handy blade holders.  The double-edged blades are made through a hot injection molding process that contributes to the blade strength and rigidness.  The blade material offers a low friction coefficient important for scraping and peeling undesired material from surfaces.  The blades are made to fail against contaminants to avoid pushing them into the cleaning surface.  They are also resistant to many chemicals and solvents so you can use solvents to help you in the cleaning and scraping process.  The blades are not constructed to cut, but provide two edges ideal for scraping, cleaning, and peeling.