The Dangers of Exposed Blades

Everyone knows that you should exercise caution when working with cutters. However, when your employees are trying to work quickly with exposed blades to accomplish their tasks, it can be easy to forget the safety rules and for them to make mistakes. These mishaps can turn into severe injuries that not only hurt your workers, but cost you thousands of dollars for medical care, hinder your productivity, and lead to expensive workers’ compensation claims.


Knife accidents can occur when an employee becomes distracted, their cutter slips, or they accidentally drop it while working. Therefore, equipping your workers with safety cutters instead of having them risk injury by using exposed blades while working will help reduce the amount of and likelihood of those injuries. Safety knives have features that can help keep your employees safe even when they make mistakes. 


HEWER safety cutters limit blade exposure, and that can contribute to a safer working environment. There are different types of safety cutters, including retractable blades, and concealed blades. And all these kinds of cutters offer advantages since only exposing blades while cutting materials help complete tasks and keep the risk of encountering skin down too.